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                                                                 OUR PRICES FOR 2014                        
      Standard:From 35 to 60 euro
      Superior: From 40 to 65 euros

      From 45 to 75 euro

     Special discounts for early booking (online via e-mail reservations) and a plus discount for a 2 weeks minimum stay.

   The above prices are related to the stay of 2 persons per day and include all taxes.
  The price fluctuation depends on the period of stay.
   To stay more than 2 individuals, and for additional information, please contact us (via e-mail or telephone) to let you know.

  Pay your reservation by PayPal secure system. It's easy and safe.
1. Choose the deposit ammount you want to pay (Deposit 1=50Є, Deposit2=100Є, Deposit3=150Є, Deposit4=200Є)
2. Click the Buy Now button to transfer to the paypal web page, and pay.

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